Sharing + Caring =

Almost 60 % of companies in Austria consist of one person. People set up businesses for different reasons, for example to realise their own ideas or to improve their work-life-balance.

Sharing + Caring =
Wundervoll |

Full speed ahead!

The first years are particularly challenging for entrepreneurs. We support people on their way to entrepreneurship with all our energy and commitment.

By sharing energy sources, space and work equipment, we also contribute to protecting the environment and climate. All in the spirit of the sharing economy.

In addition, we align our corporate goals with the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs for short. How do we do that? Find out more here.

"We provide affordable and attractive office spaces and modern work equipment. This relieves founders financially and they can focus on the development of their business idea. And on top of that, we protect the environment."

Walter Egger

Our goal #13
Take action on climate protection

More climate protection is always possible

We are a low-energy house. Groundwater is used for cooling and heating. This saves us over 5 tonnes of heating oil. Per year! Our windows have the highest energy and sound insulation. All offices are equipped with LED lighting. Through a solar system on the roof, we partly produce our own electricity.

Here we are

  • Switching to 100% electricity from renewable energy sources
  • Development of an e-car sharing location
  • Development of a veggie concept for events.

We still have the following plans

    • CO₂ balance sheet 2021

    Our goal #17
    Strengthen partnerships

    Together instead of alone

    The more people work together at the Wundervoll, the more likely we are to achieve our goals. Whether coworkers, experts, neighbours or suppliers. Everyone counts.

    Here we are

      • Cooperations with sharing economy partners, impact brands, social entrepreneurs and academia.
      • Regular community cooking.

      We still have the following plans

      • Development of the Wundervoll mission statement.

      Our goal #10
      Reduce inequalities

      Sharing is Caring

      The Wundervoll community is colourful, diverse, international and has arrived in the digital future. As a collective, we make capacities, knowledge, experience and technologies available to disadvantaged stakeholders.

      Sharing is Caring

      • Inclusion through pricing
      • Pro Bono Events

      We still have the following plans

      • Common Wealth Balance Sheet 2023

      Our goal #4
      Provide quality education

      Lifelong learning

      Lifelong learning means being courageous and trying out new things. To follow one's own interests and to think outside the box. With every experience we share at the Wundervoll, we learn and develop.

      Here we are

      • Regular lectures and keynotes on future topics
      • What we still have in mind

      We still have the following plans

      • Forming a working group to promote the exchange of knowledge and know-how."

      Your idea counts

      Share your ideas and suggestions with us so that we can continuously improve.

      That makes us happy and strong. 

      Thank you!

      The SDGs as a framework for our process

      In 2015, the SDGs were adopted by the United Nations in New York. These 17 goals represent the guiding principles for the sustainable development of our planet by the year 2030. They are addressed to all states, policies, organisations, companies and people.
      In order to cope with this special task, we have started a process and founded an interdisciplinary Caring Team.

      The concept

      We are guided by the SDG-Compass, a recognized strategic management tool for companies developed by the Global Reporting Initiative, the UN-Global Compact and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. We are focusing on five key SDGs over the period 2021 to 2025. We have defined targets and measures for the Wundervoll, which we plan, implement, monitor and improve. The aim ist, to realize impactful contributions to environmental protection.
      • We believe that the Circular Economy brings benefits for everyone involved. For companies, the environment, but also for society. That's why we promote it!

      • Climate change concerns us all. It is our responsibility to do something about it. That's why we're organizing the coworking space accordingly!

      • We believe all people deserve the same opportunities. We are committed to this.

      • High-quality education plays a key role in sustainable development today and tomorrow. That's what we stand for!

      • We achieve our goals with strong partners. We are expanding our diverse network!

      The Team

      We can only achieve our goals as a team. We meet regularly to plan the next steps and generate new ideas. Are you interested in who is behind it?

      The Dialog

      On 24 September 2020, we invited different stakeholders to a Stakeholder Dialogue at the Wundervoll. It was important to us to consult as many people as possible in order to include their views in our process. The more ideas the better! All participants went through three thematic areas: Ecology, social issues and economic efficiency. The results were impressive, with almost 50 different recommendations. We have taken particularly effective contributions into account in the Sustainability Strategy 2021 - 2025 ?."

      Our goal #12
      Sustainable consumption and production

      Circular instead of linear

      According to the WWF, every second industrially felled tree is turned into paper. We reduce our consumption, among other things by digitising most of it. What we can't digitise, we print on 100% recycled paper. This is how we promote the circular economy and reduce our waste.

      Here we are

      • Consistent waste separation.
      • Developing a concept for sustainable supplier criteria.
      • Developing a Reduce-Reuse-Recycle concept for our coworkers.
      • Developing a concept to avoid food waste for our events.
      • 100% certified recycled paper for the coworking space.

      We still have the following plans

      • Certification Green Conference Venue 2022.

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